The Way Accounting Should Be

Steeple Accounting offers many services that address the financial and payroll issues that churches and small businesses face. Often pastors and church governing bodies experience the challenge of restricted budgets, incomplete or incorrect records and inexperienced staff. And, they cannot afford the big-time expense of an audit to ensure that their financial records are in order.

Steeple Accounting Services fills that gap. Offering more than 20 years of experience in church administration, we bring a unique sensitivity to the church environment where change can be slow and painful. In the event that your church has been the victim of fraud or financial misappropriation, we specialize in record reconstruction and developing an action plan for moving forward.


Experience That Counts

 Mary Lou Turnbull is an experienced church administrator and Certified Fraud Examiner. She was employed as a Senior Trainer with Computer Helper Publishing for over 12 years traveling  across the country training churches on accounting and payroll. After receiving her forensic accounting degree in 2011, she started Steeple Accounting Services working specifically with churches. 

Mary Lou considers it her company’s mission to educate church personnel
on administrative best practices and 501(c)(3) accounting compliance.
Her practice centers on assisting churches get their financial records in order as well as fraud prevention.