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What a wonderful session!!! Words cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I feel so much better! Thank you for being the best teacher, and thank you for your generosity, may God Bless you for your giving heart.
— Robin, First UMC, PA
Thanks again for your invaluable help in getting us on board in Accounting as needed. Angie and I have been working and things have really been coming together in a great way. We have reconciled all bank accounts through June...Can you believe it??
— Flo, Main Street Baptist, KY
I am very glad to give you a great recommendation for Mary Lou. She has done wonders for us. We bought the 3 hr package from Steeple Accounting and within that first 3 hr block resolved all the problems. Mary Lou is a fantastic teacher. She has made our bookkeeper who was extremely skeptical about making any changes at first into a very happy camper. You won’t find a better helper than Mary Lou!
— Robert, St John’s Episcopal, WA
Thank you for all the expert help in setting up and maintaining our accounting at First UMC. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs a Christian professional to assist them with any accounting issues.
— Norma, Orange, TX